Vraj Softwares specializes in creating revenue-producing software products for clients in the for different sectors like Media, Telecom, Oil and GAS, Consumer goods, Households products, Retail, Banking, Automobile, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Information technology, steel, chemicals, non-profit organization, FMCG, Finance etc. in both consultancy firm and corporate firm for various market regions like Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America and Africa.

Frequent changes to the corporate and consumer landscape website in each of these industries mean that opportunities abound for companies to yoke flows of data and information for competitive gain.

Vraj Softwares provides clients with a business-minded approach to software development. We don't just take a set of requirements from clients and then build products in a black box. We collaborate with clients to ensure that they get maximum business value out of minimum viable products. The companies listed below are a cross-section of clients with whom Vraj Softwares has worked.

Vraj Softwares was established in late 21st century and is the leading software outsourcing company in India. It is sister concern of a Niyati Softech. Our company provides exceptional software outsourcing services and solutions to the companies around the world.

Vraj Softwares is a product development partner with Niyati Softech that accelerates revenue growth by rapidly bringing innovative software solutions to market. We hold three core values: Work is worship, customer is god and arise awake and stop not till you reach the goal.

Vraj Softwares undoubtedly holds the mindshare of the product development community. If you want quality innovation, rapid time to market, and software product that delivers for your customer, you call Vraj Softwares. We build products for some of the world’s most recognized brands. The software we are building touches millions of customers each day.


We understand the importance of communicating to our clients. For any project, our first step is always to make sure that we are providing solution by understanding your needs, because our company wants your software solutions to add value to your business and drive your ongoing success. Throughout implementation, we encourage our clients to share their feedback and let us know how we can do even better.